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Raindance Film Festival

Alexander Hathaway at Raindance in London

Festival Benefactor and Patron of the Arts

Independent film is truly alive and kicking in London. As the start to the Prestigious "Raindance" film festival swings into action. A celebration of genres and of styles, a virtual pick and mix for the senses. Alexander Hathaway is proud to be a festival benefactor and to support independent film making in the UK. 

"I truly believe that the directors of tomorrow are the directors of these films today. To be at Raindance is to bring your A game, these are the guys who, like us actors who learnt our craft, paid our dues and have given blood sweat and tears to make their visions a reality. I truly admire people who put their all into their art and put it out there. This is such an exciting time in British film and I'm proud to be part of the continuing Raindance story".


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